The STEAM High School (“Liceo STEAM” in Italian) is inspired by the human vision, which spread in Italy at the beginning of the modern era: the meeting of concepts of Platonism (i.e. ideas as models, the soul as mediator, man as micro- demiurge) and of Aristotelianism (i.e. the substance within nature, the complexity of life, the finalistic order of the world) to instill in the student new courage to imagine, experiment and take the reins of his/her own future. There are three fundamental pillars on which the STEAM High School teaching plan is based.


Man is the positive centre of everything. Let’s put aside both the excesses of techno-enthusiasts and the attitudes that respond with depression to the complexity of global problems. Let’s highlight man’s ability to choose and act moved by a vision and by positive, individual and collective goals. STEAM students are constantly exposed to challenges for which they must be able to define goals as well as find and use the correct methods to achieve them. The aim is to learn to answer the technical question “How do we do it?” always being able, first of all, to answer to the question “Why do we do it?”.


Keeping man at the centre means aiming to enhance the founding trio of trust- autonomy-responsibility. STEAM students are not containers but the first and most important of the contents: young men and women free to face and learn to solve problems and achieve concrete results, alone or in a team. This means giving meaning and a unique and personal sense to what you learn.


We go beyond notionism to build a critical sense and real skills through activities and projects that actively affect the surrounding world. STEAM students develop the most useful of skills: the ability to create, shape, invent, conceive, solve, in an exciting mix of idealism and pragmatism. Nothing is more important than being aware that you can truly be in control of your own destiny.

The mission of the STEAM High School rests on this vision: to be a school capable of shaping excellent people, who are active and who feel successful, for a hyper- complex world.