Full speed ahead, all ahead!

Why Steam

A Four-Year Study Plan

Complete and concrete four-year study plan, with theoretical and practical teaching courses in the 5 fundamental didactic areas: Science (Biology-Chemistry-Physics), Technology & Engineering, Arts (Humanities & Languages), Maths.

Cambridge English model

Study plan based on the Cambridge English model, with two years of basics and two years of specialisation, which includes 300 hours of school-work alternation.

50% in English

Scientific and technological subjects at least 50% in English.

Any university in the world

For access to any university in the world: Italian State Exam for Scientific High School – Applied Sciences and Cambridge International Exams option: IGCSE at the end of the first two years (English, Maths, Science), IELTS and A-Level optional at the end of the four years.

High school diploma one year earlier

Achievement of a high school diploma one year earlier than the average of other Italian high schools.

In close contact with companies, universities and research centers

A study course constantly in close contact with companies, the productive world, universities and research centers.