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An active and experiential approach

ProgrammeSTEAM courses alternate study and practical activities, favouring the continuous contact with projects and companies in order to enhance the student’s growth at all levels.The lessons cover the 5 core areas, with a focus on the sciences to beapplied through current (and future) technologies.

The study course is developedin 34 weeks and covers 1,224 hours of lectures/activities per year, of which at least 50% are conducted in English, scheduled over five days (excluding Saturdays) for 7 hours from Monday to Thursday and 6 hours on Fridays.
The Study Plan is modelled on the Cambridge English curriculum and is divided into two two-year periods:

  • BASIC TWO-YEAR PERIOD: equivalent to the English GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), necessary to build a solid foundation.
  • ADVANCED TWO-YEAR PERIOD: equivalent to the English A-Level, necessary for a deepening of all the subjects studied and that includes 300 hours of school-work alternation (half in school hours, half in summer internships) for a fruitful continuity between theory and the labour market.
  • HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA: the study plan, therefore, covers four years and allows you to take two different final exams.

Final exams of HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA are:

Through the A-Level English exams (in cooperation with Cambridge international);

2State Exams
The State exam (like all other Italian five-year schools) and achievement of the relative qualification for access to any University.


Creativity, the key to a happy future.
You cannot train students in gaining skills without adopting an active and experiential teaching method. In the STEAM International model, students are constantly challenged on their creative problem solving skills through the prototyping of solutions (ideas, products, services). How does this happen? Thanks to the fact that the teaching methods and the study-work times have been deeply revised following a triple geometry lesson planning, described as follows:

CL – Core Lessons
Compulsory lessons and activities with a focus on the contents of the five general study areas (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Art and Social Studies, Languages and Performing Arts).

CC – Crash Courses
An intensive course, one day every two weeks, on the analysis of cases and advanced applications of a given study area in the various production sectors or cutting-edge services.

ALL – Action Learning Labs
Three projects a year with final products, each focused on a study area and with great attention to the social impact and meaning of theproject: Mecha (focus on mechanical, mechatronics, engineering products), Bit (focus on digital products), Life (focus on bio-engineering products), Social (focus on sustainable services).

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